ABOUt Cre8ed Couture

My name Is Crystal Chillious-Allen. 

I am the proud CEO and Creative Designer of Cre8ed Couture. Having a background in Social Work,  my passion has always been geared towards helping others accomplishing goals, working on mental and physical health, confidence-building and self-care. Cre8ed Couture was started for the sole purpose of inspiring individuals to get on track with their health and wellness journeys. Taking CARE of yourself not only improves your QUALITY of life, but it changes your mental and physical well being and energy. Cre8ed Couture is looking forward to expanding and evolving into a multi-diverse entity that can one day service every Human Being on this earth. We offer quality products, education and most importantly a great experience. Let Cre8ed Couture CREATE apart of your life that will empower a new journey in wellness. 



Thank you! 


Crystal Chillious- Allen 

CEO & Creative Designer

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